Best Pet Carriers in 2021

Dogs love to explore and have fun with their beloved owners. Therefore, it can be so much fun traveling with your furry friend. However, you must ensure that your animal is safe and protected. A dog carrier is, therefore, a must-have accessory when traveling with your pup. The carrier will keep him or her safe for a drive or during air travel. A pet carrier is also convenient when having a morning or evening walk around the neighborhood. The pet carrier also comes in handy when your pup is sick, and you have to visit a veterinary doctor.

Are you in a hurry?

Pet carriers provide a comfortable spot for pets while in transit. Often made from fabric, they do not irritate/ bruise pets when in use. Most models offer protection from the rain and sun and have peep windows that enable pets to check out their environment on the road. Which are the best brands for day-to-day use? Our picks stand out because of their smart designs and longevity. they provide a comfortable spot for pets and are lightweight and thus suitable for traveling.

Best Overall

Petmate Pet Carrier

Petmate Pet Carrier

Petmate is a secure pet carrier that doubles as a small dog kennel. It fits cats as well and has a top-mounted door that eases access to your pet. Overall, it can support up to 10 pounds. It also meets the recommended air travel specifications and has a secure handle with a comfortable grip that makes its transportation easy. Backed by over 10 years of research, you get a tried and tested product that can withstand abuse for years. It is easy to clean and has a waterproof design.

High-End Pick

Amazon Basics Dog Crate Carrier

Amazon Basics Dog Crate Carrier

Amazon Basics is popular for budget yet smart products such as this dog crate carrier. It has a lightweight PVC frame that supports 26-75 pounds. Thus, you can carry Golden Retrievers and Blue Heelers in one without it ripping or the frame falling apart. The polyester cover is equally light and has a plush liner (fleece) that creates a comfortable resting area for pets. Accessory pockets on the side are perfect for storing dog treats, training accessories such as clickers, and dog toys. You can carry dog toothpaste in it as well without running out of space.

Budget Pick

Purrpy Pet Carrier

Purrpy Pet Carrier

Purrpy is an airline-approved pet carrier that is a perfect size for most pets. It can support up to eight pounds and a fold-down design that you can store out of sight when not in use. It has pockets for toys, treats, and other pet essentials and has safety belt loops that you can use to secure it in cars when needed. Zippers are leak-proof and lockable, while the fleece pad in its interior creates a comfortable lounging area for pets. It does not irritate the skin nor shed pet hair et cetera.

Buying Guide for Pet Carriers

Carrying your pet to the outdoors will helps relax their minds and break the monotony of always staying home. It may however be hectic to carry your pet around when you lack the proper means to do so. In such cases, you may have to leave your pet behind or go through too much trouble to carry them.

For this reason, every pet lover needs a pet carrier. Pet carriers eliminate all the hassle of taking your pet out for an adventure. Find the essential factors to look into when buying a pet carrier in this buying guide.

Size: Get the right size of pet carrier to avoid limiting its comfort. The carrier should be large enough to allow your pet to move around easily. It should however not be too oversized to allow you to carry it easily.

Safety: You must always strive to ensure that your pet is safe. You should therefore buy pet carriers with safe, non-toxic materials. The carrier should also be well-ventilated to stop overheating and allow your pet to breathe comfortably.

Weight: You will have to carry the pet carrier on your back or arms. It is thus advisable to buy a pet carrier that will not weigh you down. Remember, your pet will also add some weight to the carrier that you will have to bear.

Top 5 Pet Carriers in the Market this Year

If you travel often with your pet, one of our recommended pet carriers will come in handy. They are spacious, comfortable, and made from long lasting materials.

1. Petmate Pet Carrier

This small dog kennel has a top-load door for easy access to your pet. It carries small dog breeds weighing up to 10 pounds and has a top-loading two-door design air travel approved. It meets airline cargo specifications so that you can travel comfortably without any restrictions.

This product features a durable, ergonomic design with a comfort-grip handle for easy carrying of your pet. In addition, its sides have ventilation to keep your animal ventilated throughout the trip.

This Petmate pet carrier has a grated steel door that allows for easy entry and exit of your animal. It also satisfies the natural denning instincts of your puppy.

  • A top door allows easy access to your pets.
  • It conforms to most airline specifications allowing you to travel with your pet more comfortable.
  • An ergonomic handle allows a comfortable grip for easy transit.
  • It is too small and only ideal for small pets.
Our Verdict:

If you are traveling by air and you have to take your animal with you, Petmate Carrier is the ideal choice. It satisfies most requirements for airline cargo. Therefore, you will not have any trouble traveling with your pet. In addition, it keeps your animal comfortable and provides fresh air throughout the journey.

2. Amazon Basics Dog Crate Carrier

This AmazonBasics Pet carrier features soft sides to keep the animal warm and protected. The durable polyester and PVC material used to manufacture its shell is durable. It is, therefore, strong enough for frequent use.

Its multiple screened panels ensure optimal ventilation while in use. Your animal can also look out through the panels and enjoy beautiful sceneries, buildings, and people. This pet carrier comes with a plush fleece-covered pet bed to keep your animal comfortable while on the road. The accessory pockets located on the top and sides allow for storing your pet’s toys and treats.

AmazonBasics Pet carrier is suitable for breeds weighing up to 26-75lbs. It includes a top handle and shoulder strap for easy carrying of the animal.

  • The soft-sides are easy on your pet’s skin and provides comfort.
  • It has a high-quality PVC material construction for weather resistance and durability.
  • A top handle and a shoulder strap allow you to transport your dog easily and comfortably.
  • It is only large enough to fit small and medium-sized pets and is unideal for large ones.
Our Verdict:

This pet carrier is convenient for transporting your pet from one location to another. You can either use it on the vehicle or carry it on your shoulders or with your hands. It is soft and padded for maximum comfort of the animal. In addition, it allows for ventilation, making it a very convenient pet carrier.

3. Purrpy Pet Carrier

This airline-approved pet carrier is suitable for cats weighing 8lbs and below. However, you must correctly measure your animal before purchasing it to ensure you get the right size.

This pet carrier is very easy to set up and fold down, making it convenient for storage. Also, it has multiple carrying options. You can carry it by hand, on your shoulder, or on your suitcase handle. If you need to bring a few snacks and toys for your animal, this carrier has enough pockets for that purpose.

Purrpy Airline Approved Premium Pet Carrier features three entrances that make it easy to get your pup in and out. It comes with seatbelt loops and lockable zippers to keep your animal safe and contained. In addition, the reflective strips ensure that your animal is visible in the dark. In case you lose your pet, this carrier has a bone-shaped nametag for easy identification. Its cozy fleece pad and mesh windows ensure maximum comfort.

  • It easy to set up and has a collapsible design that folds flat for storage and easy transit.
  • You can carry it in multiple ways; by hand, shoulder, or using the suitcase handle.
  • It features three entrances that allow your pets to enter and exit easily.
  • It is not strong enough to handle pets weighing over 8lbs.
Our Verdict:

Many pet owners widely love this pet carrier because of its unique features. Its design ensures coziness, safety, and convenience. With the 100% satisfaction promise, you can get a replacement or a 100% refund if you are not satisfied.

4. Pet Gear Carrier

Traveling with your cat or dog can be daunting if you do not have the right pet carrier. This Pet Gear Carrier and Car Seat gives you a flawless experience with your pets. It offers your animal a 360-degree view. Therefore, your pet can get an idea of what is happening around him/her.

This pet carrier is easy to attach to the seat belt without the need for technical tools. It has a dual push-button entry for easy and quick access to your animal. In addition, this carrier features an interior tether that attaches to the pet’s harness for security. It has a removable and washable liner to keep the carrier clean.

  • It doubles up as a car seat allowing you to carry your pet safely inside and outside your car.
  • A removable interior liner allows easy washing and replacement.
  • It features an interior tether where you can attach a harness to secure your pet.
  • The zippers are weak and their teeth easily fall apart.
Our Verdict:

Pet Gear Carrier and Car Seat will give you a seamless experience when traveling with your animal. It is easy to attach to the seatbelt, and its 360 degrees ventilation ensures maximum airflow. In addition, it features padded carry handles for comfort when carrying the animal by hand.

5. Petisfam Pet Carrier

This escape-proof pet carrier is what you need for your animal. It is large and can comfortably carry medium cats, large cats, or small dogs. It is higher and wider than some pet carriers are. Thus, it is spacious enough for most pets. Petisfam Pet carrier is cat-friendly, meaning you will no longer struggle to get your cat in. The carrier is spacious, and its bed-like floor attracts animals. Thus, most cats get in free to enjoy the beautiful serene place. This carrier is strong and comfortable for your animal. It features anti-escape zippers and a leash hook. Moreover, the carrier maintains its shape due to the support of a bottom metal frame.

  • A top entry allows you to get your uncooperative pets easily into the carrier.
  • You can it two ways; by hand using the handle or on your shoulder using the shoulder strap.
  • No installation is required, saving you time and hassle.
  • The floor is hard with an easy-to-bite and tear carpet, compromising durability
Our Verdict:

Whether you are driving or carrying your animal by hand, this lightweight pet carrier will offer you the convenience you seek. It will keep your animal safe and comfortable. Furthermore, it contains the animal to help you drive safely without distractions. This carrier is, thus, an excellent purchase for your kitten or puppy.

Final Thoughts

During your outdoor trips, your pet needs a soft and comfortable area to rest and play. Pet carriers offer these benefits and more and therefore are a must-have item for dog/cat lovers. Check out our top picks to get a lightweight product that makes transportation of pets fun. The materials are durable and safe for pets.